ZeroMOUSE™ – in the house

Upgrade Your Cat Flap With Prey Detection

ZeroMOUSE™ is a technologically advanced device designed to upgrade microchip or RFID cat flaps with prey detection capabilities. It uses Artificial Intelligence to identify if a cat is carrying prey in its mouth and subsequently blocks the cat flap to prevent the cat from bringing the prey into the house. The AI continuously learns and receives automatic software updates for improved performance. ZeroMOUSE™ is easy to install, taking less than five minutes, and is designed to fit any common RFID cat flap. The device features a unique, patented blocking mechanism activated by an RFID signal when prey is detected. It is compact, with dimensions of 15.5 mm height, 58.0 mm width, and 78.3 mm depth, and weighs 83 grams. It includes a camera with an 85° field of view and an IR wavelength of 960 nm, and it requires a USB-C power source for operation. ZeroMOUSE™ is available for purchase as an EarlyBird offer at €139 for one unit or €248 for a double pack, both including a lifetime membership, significantly discounted from the retail price.