ZimaCube – Personal cloud. Re-invented.

Up to 164TB | 6x HDD | 4x SSD | PCIe Gen4 | 4x 2.5GbE | 12th Gen i5 | Thunderbolt 4 | Private GPT

ZimaCube revolutionizes the personal cloud experience by introducing a sleek and powerful design. With an impressive storage capacity of up to 164TB, incorporating 6x HDD and 4x SSD bays, it assures secure and efficient data management for both creative professionals and enthusiasts alike. The device prides itself on lightning-fast data transfers via PCIe Gen4 and quad 2.5GbE networking ports, ensuring seamless and rapid file handling. Prioritizing data security and accessibility, ZimaCube is equipped with RAID storage and ZimaOS. Its innovative 6+1 bay design enables a versatile combination of HDD and SSD drives, optimizing the user’s workflow across various applications such as Lightroom and PremierePro.

In addition, ZimaCube facilitates remote access and secure sharing through its encrypted network control and Thunderbolt 4 support, encouraging efficient collaboration across different platforms and time zones. Offering flexibility and expandability through its modular design, users can personalize their system with compatible peripherals such as NVIDIA RTX Graphics and Thunderbolt peripherals. The system’s elegant and sturdy construction, inspired by minimalist design principles, ensures both durability and aesthetic appeal.